Why Choose Samuel Family Cardiology

Samuel Family Cardiology stands tall upon the proud shoulders of the father-son duo of Dr. John Samuel and Dr. Paulraj Samuel.

Our services are centered around a patient-focused care model. We put into practice our motto of providing the highest quality of personalized and patient-centered cardiac care to achieve superlative levels of patient satisfaction.

Our commitment to this vision is upheld by the fact that so many of our patients have had a 20+ year relationship with us and our cardiology practice.

Dr. John Samuel has been committed to excellence in his craft for over three decades. His unwavering dedication to his patients has made him a role model for all - especially his son, Dr. Paulraj Samuel.

Together, Dr. John and Dr. Samuel form a formidable team, combining decades of experience and cutting-edge knowledge to care for your heart. They work closely with their patients in a personable and engaging style that is focused on returning patients to optimal health as quickly as possible, with the best possible outcomes.

Samuel Family Cardiology offers you a compassionate and friendly environment, bringing a wide range of diagnostic, preventive, and therapy options to manage your cardiac health.

Cherish Your Life

In our practice, we frequently encounter patients at a crossroads. Though not always the case, sometimes these crossroads represent the difference between life and death. Especially in these settings, we focus all of our resources on working as a team to give our patients both their best opportunity for survival in the moment as well as optimal health in the long term.

Because of this, our team believes strongly in the mantra "Cherish Your Life." We do this to encourage everyone to appreciate and value their life. We work together to spend every day offering the highest quality care and timely treatment to help mend broken hearts. As none of us is promised any day but today, our doctors and staff all urge patients to think about how every day represents a gift.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity that life has offered! We feel deep gratitude and genuine joy hearing about the many amazing stories our patients come back to tell us - about how they turned their lives around after a cardiac event. We love hearing stories of newfound physical strength, discovering a new purpose in life, accepting new opportunities, reconnecting with family and friends, and so many more wonderful life-enriching tales!

As Dr. Samuel loves telling all his patients, embrace every single day - Cherish Your Life!

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Cherish your life, one heartbeat at a time.
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